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As 24/7 Emergency Locksmith serving the surrounding regions 365 days a year, we deal in the business of keeping our clients safe and their possessions secure. From your home to your business, we work diligently to keep you, your loved ones, and your treasured belongings safe and secure.

In this article, we are going to discuss several key-related tips that you must need to know to keep yourself and your loved ones safe around your car. These tips are for everyone, so share them freely with your friends and family.

  • Keep your keys in your hand
  • Replace the battery in your key fob
  • Tend to key fob replacements in a timely manner

Let us discuss the points in detail:

Keep your keys in your hand

One of the worst things you can do when you leave your car, is to fumble through your purse, backpack, briefcase, or other personal items in search of keys. It’s better to have your keys ready in your hand when you approach your vehicle. Fumbling can put you in a very vulnerable space.

If a would-be kidnapper, robber, or carjacker has their eyes on you, they will pounce while you’re distractedly searching for your keys.

It would be best if you have the right key sorted out.

Replace the battery in your key fob

If your car opens with a key fob, you are totally dependent on fresh, functional batteries for your car to respond to the signal you send it. In case the batteries have run out, pressing the button on your remote key won’t unlock your car and thus will put you in a vulnerable position.

Along with making sure your fob has working batteries, we advise you to keep fresh replacement batteries on hand.

Tend to key fob replacements in a timely manner

In case your remote car keys are malfunctioning or falling apart, contact Residential Locksmith Services immediately. Get your key fob replacements as soon as you can. Do not wait until they’ve stopped working altogether.

Time to sum up:

For all your Commercial Locksmith Services in and around Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, Queens & Williamsburg, turn to the car locksmiths you can trust. 24/7 Emergency Locksmith will help you with everything from replacement car keys to helping when your keys accidentally get locked in your car. Reach out to us today! Be it a home, office or automobile, every property’s locks and keys play an important role in safeguarding them including the belongings as well as people associated with it. Situations like lockout situations, broken locks and keys, lost keys, burglaries, etc. have become more common, but more than that we have more reliable locksmiths that can handle your property’s locking system perfect and secured. 247 Emergency Locksmith is one stop destination.





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